one of ‘those’ days…

What a busy day!  I was definitely early to bed last night so I could be early to rise this morning.  Josh slept with me – totally cuddled up to me all night and it was like sleeping with a heater!  Bless his heart, he was so sick!   Needless to say, he stayed home from school this morning and stayed in bed all day while I was out getting things handled with the DMV and paying for school, etc.  Really cute story – ok seriously, Blake is mostly an ass.  I’m not saying this to be mean, it’s just true.  He’s a fabulous dad and a great friend to me – but when he wants to be, he can be the BIGGEST JERK in the world!  Having said that, on the way home from taking care of payment for school at the West Garfield campus, we stopped in at City Market to grab some over the counter stuff for Josh and a few essentials for dinner.  As we are paying, he says “wait, I gotta grab something” and takes off running.  He comes back with four folders – all different colors.  I look at him all confused and he goes “so you can keep your school shit together”.  He couldn’t be nice about it because that would just kill him – but omg what a thoughtful thing for him to do, right?! 

I did about a two mile walk today with Dutchess.  She was totally not in the mood to behave today.  Everything had to be sniffed and every kid had to pet her.  It wasn’t the children, it was her.  She’s becoming more and more like Jameson these days.   She just can’t fathom that someone would walk right by her and not stop to pet her.  She’s very full of herself – don’t ask me where she gets THAT from… but  I’m pretty sure I noticed it after Leah’s last visit. 

"but mom, i don't wanna walk!"

Tonight was finally my first class – two hours of PURE boredom!  It’s not the instructor’s fault.  She’s a really nice lady.  It’s not her fault I already know everything.  I ended up having to change my schedule around because my biology class was full before I got a chance to pay for it.  UGH!!  So I substituted 2 more classes:  Sociology and English Composition.  So that makes 4 total.  I’ve definitely got my plate full right now and I’m getting a little nervous about it.   My plan tomorrow is to walk the kiddos to school and speak to Josh’s teacher about his absence today and then go for a nice long walk and come home to clean up.  I need to organize a space that’s just for me to go alone and do my school stuff.  Especially since I have a couple of online courses.  

I came home tonight to find out that my grandmother has decided to go ahead with getting a feeding tube.  It breaks my heart because I really feel like she’s being coersed into it.  I know this isn’t what she wants.  It breaks my heart into a million pieces to think of losing her – of letting her go, it does.  I just can’t be so selfish as to beg her to spend the rest of her days on this earth miserable and unhappy just to spare my feelings.  So if you believe in prayer – please pray for her.  She is such an amazing woman.  So much of what is good in me came from her and there are no words to express how much I love her and how much I wish I could make all her pain and this disease just go away.  I know God has a plan and I know He is in control – so my trust is with my Lord. 

I hope everyone’s day was a good one – I hope it was beautiful and full of blessings. 



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  1. whydeprive

    lol yah blame ME for your dog wanting attention!

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