I just wanted to post this picture while it’s somewhat new… this is me with my three incredible children.  God – I love them so much.  Sometimes they drive me right up the wall, it’s true, but right now I’m watching them all sleep and wishing desperately that I hadn’t left my camera in Blake’s car.  I’m excited to be back in school and working on those goals, but my children are – without a doubt – my biggest accomplishment.  They always will be. 

Christmas Eve 2009



  1. whydeprive

    Whod you cut out in the background of this?

    • haha – well it’s Blake. Bless his heart, it just wasn’t the most flattering photo and he asked to be cut out of it. You know it’s bad when Blake cares if people see it! ahahaha

  2. whydeprive

    hahaha I had a feeling it was him!

  3. yeah – poor thing. he was having a bad hair day. 🙂

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