in the spirit of recipe sharing…

Good Morning –

Well, it’s noon.  I’d planned on doing this earlier but I had to make a 3 hour trek to Snowmass Villiage and back with little Miss Anissa to pick up Megan and her friends.  It was a beautiful drive – and it was nice to chat with my Megs for a bit.  We’ve both been otherwise distracted lately, so it was good to catch up. 

So yesterday I made one of my favorite things.  Totally good for you, all natural & organic.  Here’s the recipe for my Asparagus wraps

Ingredients:   one bunch Asparagus, steamed but still a little crunchy…2 cups brown rice, prepared and cooled mixed with 1/2 cup organic low fat plain yogurt…sundried tomatoes….fresh grated parmesan cheese……CILANTRO……red onion……..2 avocados, squished with juice of one lime……….whole wheat tortilla wraps

Directions:  cook the tortilla for about 10 seconds on each side on high heat in a nonstick skillet til to soften it…….transfer to work area and spread a light layer of the avocado mixture, spoon about 1/4 cup of the rice mixture, then about 4 stalks of asparagus….add the cilantro, sundried tomatoes, onion, and then the parmesan… wrap it all up and then cut in half…

before closing it up...

let it chill for about 15 min before you eat it… sooo yum!  It should look like this…

The kids (especially Josh) love them too… Josh, by the way, got his SECOND Honor Roll Certificate yesterday!!  (you can see it behind him in this pic)

Ok – well that’s all for now.  I need some coffee and I’m headed out for some fresh air and a walk with Dutchess!  Have a fabulous day!



  1. whydeprive

    YUM!! These look so good!

  2. Nice blog! Love wraps 🙂 And congrats to your smart little cutie – I assume he’s your son!! Super smart!

  3. okay, I just read your “About” section – so yes he is your kid…and you are wayyyyy too young looking for 3 kids!! I wish I lived in Colorado…do you ski?! Cheers!

    • I guess you could call it skiing – haha – I call it ‘falling’! I like to snowshoe, for sure! I live right in the middle of all the ski resorts, it’s crazy beautiful out here!

  4. Aww great blog! 🙂 Just discovered it….will be reading more! 🙂

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