lazy sunday? oh no, Calvin – not for me!

It’s Sunday and my three babies left about twenty minutes ago to head over to their Nana’s house.  They’re going swimming today [indoor pool, of course] and spending the day with Nana before she takes off to Florida for a week.  I’m not gonna lie to you, I’d planned on taking off to walk the dog for a good long time right away but then I started thinking… I have the house all to myself!  This NEVER happens!  I could run around naked – I could turn up my music and dance – NAKED! I could have a glass of wine at 11am and NOBODY would know!  Did I actually pour a glass of Red wine?  I did.  I actually did. 

see the sun shining in the background? yea...

 That’s right – it’s the very bottom of the bottle – It’s been a rough couple of days.  I’m a ridiculous, hormonal MESS!!!  I think I’ve eaten a whole block of sharp white cheddar cheese with half a pkg of organic corn tortillas… we won’t even start on the chocolate I’ve demolished!  Sometimes it’s just so hard to be a girl, ya know?! 

You’ll be proud to know that I didn’t drink the glass of wine – I did, however, put it away for later.  Because I WILL down it later!  Believe that.  The reason for this is because I looked over at my stack of ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ comic books and spotted this…

oh don't i wish?!

…and I realized that however  nice it’d be  to have one of those~  it’s just not possible.  I have laundry to do – sheets to change – bathrooms to clean and floors to sweep and mop and vacuum.  I get a day off from my sweet kiddos and that means I have time to do these things!!!  It was a nice dream for a moment, Calvin – but you only reminded me of how UN-lazy I get to be.  =)  I love you anyway – you ARE my favorite!

so instead of my very un-responsible morning glass of wine – I had this….

josh gave me this mug =)

 Don’t you love my coffee pot?  It was a gift to Bryan and I for Christmas almost two years ago and I only recently gained custody of it.  I’ll give it to him – he put up quite the fight [and so did his clueless best friend, Bill] – but alas – I have the coffee pot – and I’m pretty thrilled about that.  It’s a nice frickin coffee pot and really – he had no clue what a ‘BuNN’ was before I asked for it. 

So here I go – to sweep and mop and start a load of laundry – while the floors and clothes are drying, I’m gonna hit the path for a big walk with Dutchess [she’s super excited] and then come home to finish up with dusting and vacuuming – more laundry and then it’s on to dinner… I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday!! 

love and hugs!



  1. bryan

    You gained custody of the coffee pot?!?!? I thought I gave it back to you because I LOVE you so much!! It is a nice coffee maker but like all good things in life, it was not meant to be used alone – I miss it!!

    • Dude! You gave it back to me because you got tired of hearing me nag you about it! Plus, it’s good for me to keep it so you have to come and visit it. 😉 xo!!

  2. bryan

    If Calvin was your kid, he definitely would not be inside laying around while you were outside shoveling snow!

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