grocery day!

Wow – I went to the grocery store today – I love going to the grocery store usually – I just hate how I’ve become too aware of some things (long story)  Anyway, I spent 2 hours in City Market and walked out with three carts and almost $600 worth of food.  It is such a process for me on grocery day – a real chore.  I have to clean out and organize the shelves, cabinets, refrigerator and freezer and then when I unload the car and the bags, i organize them on the counters and table according to where they belong and what they are… it’s very OCD.  The whole process takes about 3 hours once I’m home.  Plus, I almost always talk to Bryan while I’m doing it so I don’t get really bored.  I think he finds it pretty amusing listening to me ramble on and on about my trip to the store and everything I bought. 

Dinner tonight was at Josh’s request – burritos.  Ugh.  I put it off for almost a week because it just didn’t sound that exciting to me.  I tried to think of ways to make it cooler than typical ‘Taco Bell’ stuff so I put a pork roast in the crock pot overnight last night and let it cook right til this afternoon on low until it was just falling apart and really easy to shred.   I seasoned it with 1pkg of taco seasoning (regular)… heated up a can of Amy’s organic refried beans, cooked a pkg of mexican style rice according to the directions, chopped up some tomatoes, onions, and cilantro and squished an avocado with juice of 1/2  a lime.  I didn’t use any cheese because it didn’t need it – plus, I’ve totally exceeded my cheese allowance and probably everyone else’s the past 2 weeks.     Here are some pics :

I used the refried beans as glue to hold it together – because it was a tight fit with all the ingredients.   So – beans then rice then meat then veggies and sauce… roll it up and Enjoy!

it looks yummier when it's open, huh?!

 Josh was SO grateful that I made these – they really were a hit with ALL the kids [minus the onion and cilantro for Piper and Cam] – and Josh even said they were the BEST he ever had… which he would’ve said even if they were horrible since he lost his video game privies today and would do anything to get them back. 

Piper was starving after school and actually asked for a salad – which sounded pretty good to me, so I made two!  Her favorite salad consists of tomatoes, cucumbers and ranch dressing – and I took a pic since it wasn’t fair for me to take a pic of mine and not hers – according to Piper.

in true 'Piper' fashion - the pink bowl

she's so cute!

 now for the salad I made myself and thought I’d share with you guys… it’s super good and good for you – especially if you like Cilantro (ahem, Leah!)

it’s just 1 bunch of cilantro, chopped……….3 roma tomatos diced ( i leave the skin and the seeds because it’s juicier and the nutrients are all in there – plus, i’m lazy)………… 1 cucumber, peeled partially (leave little strips of the skin), halved and seeded – then cut into little chunks………. 1/2 small red onion, diced…… juice of 1 lemon (squeeze it cut side up so you don’t get seeds in your salad)……. sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste

mix all this up – the seasalt, pepper, and lemon juice make up your dressing – you may add a splash of olive oil if you prefer, but  I find that it’s just as wonderful without! 

Ok – that’s all for me.  I have sociology homework that isn’t gonna get done if I keep sitting here and I’m making homemade dogfood for Dutchess.  She’s “patiently” sitting in front of the stove watching the pots.  She totally knows what’s going on in there and she knows it’s for her!  🙂  Have a GREAT night!!




  1. your salad looks like Persian Salad aka Shirazi salad

  2. whydeprive

    Burritos sound good to me!
    And so does that salad you made! YUM!

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