swimming in homework…

Today has been such a busy day… I regret to report no exercise really in the last two days because it is snowing and icy outside.  If that weren’t enough, I have had homework and other school stuff up to my eyeballs!  I’m hoping to get out early tomorrow regardless of the weather conditions – so keep your fingers crossed that I don’t slip and break a leg or something!  

I know this blog is short and totally lacking substance – but I have sooo much homework to get done, I just can’t justify spending any more time on this right now.  I wish everyone a super happy Thursday!!

p.s.  is anyone else balancing school with normal household work and children? how do you do it?  advice?



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  1. whydeprive

    I havent exercised either. But thats because Im near death. And Im pretty sure the cold pills my mom gave me last night are too intense for me. I take one and my head starts to get all cloudy. I dont think I should be allowed to operate heavy machinery.
    I guess I should leave my tractor at home tonight.

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