wow! is it sunday already?!

Hello World! I feel like such a loser for not updating this blog in the past few days. It’s been kinda crazy around here with schoolwork and kiddos, etc. I was behind on psychology and math assignments due to my books being wrong when I recieved them. Totally my fault – I ordered the wrong editions. I am fighting a stomach flu and Cameron and Piper BOTH have ear infections. All in the life of a mommy. 🙂 They’re both feeling a little better today – currently napping and I’ve caught up completely with my psychology essays – written and submitted! I feel sooo productive!! Now, I must catch up on my math assignments – right after I make myself a green monster – what a fabulous discovery from ‘oh she glows’!!! Love it!

hugs and love ~ Mandy


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  1. whydeprive

    lol I have a green monster every morning. Theyre great arent they?

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