happy monday & some updates…

Kids are back at school and I didn’t make it to class tonight – I’m so sick.  I have been fighting a stomach virus that Cameron passed along to me since Saturday.  I felt better yesterday, so I’m guessing that I just got it for the second time today.  I ordered some chia seeds a few minutes ago – I’m pretty excited to try them out – I was reading up on Dr Oz’s website about the health benefits of these things – and they seem pretty amazing!  Like – better than blueberries!   Anyway – I’ve got four days of math homework to check over before I can turn it in and four psych essays and 2 soc papers to write before Wednesday.  I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve hardly had time to realize how much of a social life I don’t have.  It’s ok – most of my friends around here are single mommies  in school too – so they get it.  

My sister is moving to Hawaii in March and I just checked prices to go down to see her and help her get settled in during my spring break!!    She got married in December and seems really happy – I’m so thrilled for her.  I really hope it all keeps going well.  Her husband will be deployed to Afganistan sometime after that, so keep them both in your thoughts and prayers.  My mom says that she’s not opposed to having a baby – like, my little baby sister having a BABY?!!?!  It’s crazy to even think about – but SO cool too.  I’m really thrilled to see her life heading in such a positive direction – her smiles have always meant the whole wide world to me – ever since she was a tiny little squirt and I was changing her diapers and teaching her her first words.  Don’t get me wrong – we fight like cats and dogs – but we have an unexplainable bond with eachother and our two brothers.  

I don’t have a lot more to say – I’ve decided to slow things down as far as my relationship.  It kinda sucks – I love Bry with all my heart, I do.  We just both have so much on our plates right now.  Kids, work, school, relatives and friends … etc.  It’s not fair to expect so much from eachother.  If it’s meant to be – it will be.  I have to trust that. 

this is megs and i a few weeks ago – i’m missing my social life a little…however small it was, i miss it!  i have such good friends – i’m blessed and happy to realize it…

I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to their week – love and hugs ….



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  1. whydeprive

    Jessica having a BABY?!?!? HOLY CRAP!! I still cant get over the fact that she got married. Im so glad shes doing so good – its wonderful.
    You and Bryan will figure it out – I know that.

    Also – about me being a bitch, if you knew what it was about (and I’ll text you later) you’d flip too.

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