I feel SO MUCH BETTER TODAY!!! Gosh – after being ridiculously sick for days, it feels good to be able to wake up to a green monster without feeling like I must immediately vomit… ugh! I have a lot of schoolwork to do – no doubt that I’ll get it done now that I’m feeling close to 100%.

I talked to my Mommy today – I love when she calls me.  She’s doing much better – for anyone who doesn’t know, she’s had some pretty serious heart issues this past year or so.  I’m happy to see her healthy and smiling.  I love her so much and am so grateful for where our relationship is at.  I truly look up to my mom – she’s come through so much in her lifetime.  It really makes my troubles seem so small when I think about all she’s had to deal with.  I’m lucky to have such strong female influences in my life who are truly supportive and love me – even when I’m hard to love. 
Mamaw isn’t doing well – if you pray, please keep her in your prayers. She went to the doctor yesterday to have the G-tube put in – when they got in there, they realized there’s much more wrong than originally assumed. They did some biopsies and we will hopefully know something soon. I just want her to feel better – I don’t want her to hurt anymore or to worry about what will happen once she’s not here. I pray for peace for my precious grandmother. I love her so much.
It’s snowing here – which will not make a trip to the airport any easier if I need to go to Alabama. It also will not help the monstrous walk I have planned today – maybe I’ll strap on the snowshoes?!
Ok – I must get busy with school stuff – have a fabulous day everyone!


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  1. I spent the weekend recovering from sickness as well. I know exactly where you’re coming from.

    Best wishes for the very best for your family.

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