i’m so grateful today for Bryan’s presence in my life – i really don’t know how i’d be clinging to my sanity if he hadn’t allowed me to vent with him tonight…

so thank you, baby – you are truly such a blessing to me.


i don’t know what to say. my mamaw (my grandmother, for those of you who don’t speak ‘alabama’)  has been fighting ‘muscular dystrophy’ for a long time – well over 20 years. and she’s done so well – she’s been such a trooper…i’m so proud of her for not allowing this disease to ‘claim’ her.  that being said –  this past year has been tough.  she’s lost about 90 pounds and she’s just sort of wasting away – lost a lot of muscle mass and everyone has assumed it was the unescapable effects of having muscular dystrophy.   we found out today that it’s not the MD – but stomach cancer. she has about 5 or 6  ‘growths’ which we are told are tumors in her stomach.   she is 66 years old – so she’s very young.   her name is Linda Lawson and she  is such a beautiful person and she is such a big part of who i am today… the best part.  i am asking for prayers… for her and my papaw – for wisdom for the doctors caring for her and for peace for the rest of my family.  God, be with her – wrap her in your arms and flood her heart with a peace only you can provide…if it is your will to heal her body, i ask that you do so and above all else, please – envelope her in your perfect Love.

i love you so much, mamaw



  1. Absolutely! The very best wishes to you and your entire family as you navigate the journey!

  2. whydeprive

    Oh Mandy. Can they get the tumors out?
    I LOVE your mamaw – shes so sweet and I want her to be ok.

  3. bryan

    That is a beautiful prayer…

  4. I will keep her in my prayers. My Mom passed away last year. I will also pray for you. Take good care of yourself along the way.

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