monsters & stuff…hehe

Good Morning!! 

My children left about an hour ago to head up to Aspen for the X games!  Well, the boys are headed to the games, Piper Blakeleigh is hanging out with her Nana today for a little ‘girl time’.  She is SO funny!  I wish I had taken a picture of how cute they were all bundled up in their snow gear!!  It was a really rushed morning.  I was supposed to go, but opted to stay home to have some time to play catch up on schoolwork.  I’m so far behind in mathwork – and I have a test tomorrow!  I’m almost caught up with sociology and psychology – I definitely will be caught up today. 

My grandmother has another EGD tomorrow – she’s having a second opinion – and we should know whether or not it is really cancer.  I found out that the last biopsy recovered no cancer cells – but the doctor actually said “I’m still sure it’s cancer”  What doctor says that without proof?!!?!   What an idiot!!   So I’m hopeful – I believe that God has this under control.  I spoke to Mamaw the other day and her spirits were good – Papaw is not taking it well – but his faith is strong.  Please keep them in your prayers.

my Mamaw & Papaw - aren't they adorable?!

Ok – well it’s time for me to finish this Green Monster and go to work!!  I hope everyone has a fabulous day!! 

green monster with a little monster in the background! isn't he cute?!

xo – Mandy



  1. whydeprive

    Well hopefully its not cancer and it turns out to be something totally manageable.

    Dont you just LOVE the green monsters? Theyre so good, and Im telling you, if you keep drinking them every day you’ll feel like superwoman!

  2. oh i agree, Leah – and i think the wheat grass powder makes all the difference. atleast for me, it does. i just feel better when i don’t leave that ingredient out.

    and thanks for keeping mamaw in your thoughts – i’ll let ya know what happens tomorrow

  3. I said a prayer for your grandparents today… Let’s pray it’s not cancer… I don’t think that doctor had any right to say that. What a jerk. Anyways, your green monster looks delicious. Love it in the wine glass 🙂

    I will keep you and your family in my prayers!

    • thanks, Kristen! That really means a lot to me. 🙂 Have a Blessed day – i appreciate the comment!

  4. It’s always tough to watch someone you love go through something like that. High spirits and a positive outlook can often go a long way in making things seem just a little easier.

    Continuing to send good thoughts your way…..

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