it’s BeAuTiFuL outside!!

Happy HuMpDaY I hope everyone is having a fabulous day!  Mine started out beautifully – I opened my eyes to blue skies and sunshine peeking through the big windows in my bedroom and the mountains outisde had no new snow on them!  Denver got about fourteen inches in just under three hours yesterday evening, so I wasn’t too optimistic about being able to enjoy a sunshiney day today…

So today… I am thankful for the sunshine that warmed my face as I drove around and accomplished all the little things I needed to do, including cleaning out the inside of my  new car.  Which, by the way, I am also thankful for.  I bought it just before my trip to Alabama and – as you may imagine – after driving to Alabama and back to Colorado with three children and a white German Shepherd, it was a mess.  Lots of people may have a dark grey Nissan Altima – but I bet mine is…was… the only one with white fur seats!  hehe =) 

 I also accomplished quite a bit of schoolwork – and I have quite a bit more to go…  but I am in the zone because in just three more days, I will be in Las Vegas with my amazing boyfriend and our crazy kiddos!!  Really – who wants to take homework to Vegas?!!?  Which reminds me – thank God for my psychology and sociology professors!  I mean it!  There are still caring and compassionate people in the world and when you least expect it, sometimes your faith in the human race just gets restored, ya know?  I was completely out of touch with school for atleast two of the weeks I was gone to Alabama – truthfully, I just had bigger and more important things going on.  They have been completely understanding and totally supportive.  I mean extended deadlines and reopened assignments that I missed… I totally didn’t expect it and I am sooo appreciative!

It’s been a busy week so far…but I did get to take a break from it all and have some lunch with  my girl, Noelle.  We went to eat at a sweet little Thai restaurant just about ten miles down the road near my school campus.  I was already there to pick up some materials so why not?  I love having girl time… Noelle and I have known eachother for a little more than four years now and have remained friends through a lot of  the worst times in both our lives… but we’ve had some amazing times and made some dang good memories in the process.  She’s a total flake and it’s just one of those qualities you either accept and love her for and try to understand – or you can get mad and throw her away… I have to say that as bad as I may have wanted to throw her  ass away at times, I know I’d be missing out on a great friend with a big, big heart… so she’s another person I’m super thankful for – even when she’s disappearing.  =)  heh…

yea..we were s'posed 2 be @ work... Apr'07

 you’ll find (if you haven’t already) that my tongue is out in most of my pictures… as MyLeah would say – “it’s part of my charm!”  ❤

is anyone else going to school?  did you take online courses ever? did they seem like a whole lot of writing and work?  am i the onlyyy one that feels this way?

and…what are you grateful for today?





  1. I’m grateful for your message….on a day when there’s not much to feel good about…and after eating too much (again) and feeling angry at myself and trying to sleep…well, yeah, I’m grateful for the comment you left me and for the sunshine of your blog….there, i found something – it’s the little things…

  2. whydeprive

    Im going to start an online program as soon as I get the internet set up at home.

    What am I grateful for? My sweet little dog. I dont care if I talk about her too much, if you met her you would understand!

  3. bryan

    Vegas Baby!! Only a few days left until we are together!! I miss you so much – I can’t wait to be spending time with you and the kids. Work hard on that homework because if you bring it to vegas I PROMISE to be the worst distraction EVER!!!

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