busy busy!! =)

…ok this will be a short one…

today, i am super thankful to only have two more days until i see bryan and am on a much needed vacation… i am also thankful to have a completely empty house that is SUPER quiet so that I can write my six page paper for psychology…. and 3 one-pagers for sociology.  Tomorrow?  a 5.5 narrative for english composition is due by saturday night.  I will NOT do homework in VEGAS!   So, friends, I am also thankful for your comments and i’m asking for good vibes to be sent my way as I try to get this stuff done!!  

is anyone else feeling swamped with tons and tons of stuff to get done in a short amount of time?

what are you thankful for today?



  1. whydeprive

    I ALWAYS feel swamped. I havent even had a chance to do yesterdays dishes yet.
    Being a grown up sucks!

    • now say how you’re super thankful for Rob’s new jeans… come on. haha – love you!

  2. bryan

    Haha, I KNOW you won’t do homework in Vegas! I can’t wait to see you – I am SO EXCITED!!

  3. YES – swamped for sure. Vegas!! Oh I’m jealous…I want to have a “Hangover” experience….minus the tiger though…and the losing a friend on the top of a hotel…but plus a Bradley Cooper (or two) …;)

  4. I feel swamped by the fact that I haven’t worked on my course for.. oh, I don’t know, about a week. *sigh* Oh well, tomorrow if I’m up to it then I’ll try to be a busy bee.

    Today I’m thankful to be alive. That’s all I could think of in my current cranky mood. :p

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