Easter Sunday…

I didn’t post much yesterday because I was completly preoccupied with easter basket making and coloring easter eggs and baking cookies with my sweet kiddos Blake actually volunteered to make dinner for us and it was fabulous!  Pork tenderloin, asparagus, mashed potatoes and a beautiful salad.  We drank wine from mason jars – it was awesome!  I felt so redneck – haha.  It’s funny how all my wine glasses keep getting broken.  We’re not talking cheap glasses, either.  We’re talking nice wine glasses.  I had eight at the beginning of the year – Lenox.  Now they’re gone and I resorted to toasting easter with Blake with mason jars.  Gotta love it.  🙂

coloring easter eggs

the finished eggs & the fancy wine glasses


Today was dinner at my in law’s house.  It was so nice – lamb.  It was beautiful and the kiddos hunted eggs.  Blake and Josh tossed the football and Josh got new golf clubs from grandpa Neil.  He can’t wait to get started on that! 

piper's find...

josh & mommy

he had been hiding under the table...

Anyway, I’ll add some pics to this tomorrow – It’s time for me to read to Piper and then get some rest.  Walking in the morning! 

daddy's girl!

Happy Easter, Everyone – and God Bless!!

their easter baskets - made by mom (aka: the easter bunny)


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  1. whydeprive

    Maybe if you drank less wine your glasses would stop breaking. I tend to drop things when Ive been drinking. OR, you can do what my mom does, and drink out of plastic wine glasses.

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