proud mommy…

So I had one of the best days ever just yesterday.  I was productive with my schoolwork and I cleaned up around the house.  I even fit in a little naptime!  Blake got here sometime around 5pm after he picked Cameron up from school and he’d picked up a couple movies for the kiddos.  One was ‘The Princess and the Frog’ – so Piper was thrilled!   Josh called me after school to let me know he was staying late for track practice – Yes, my little boy signed up for track!  I’m super proud of him!

The kids requested fried chicken for dinner, but since I didn’t have everything I needed – their second choice was meatloaf.  I make a pretty spectacular meatloaf, thanks to the combination of my mom and mamaw’s recipes.  Piper helped me cook.  =)  She loves to help in the kitchen! 

snappin' green beans!

While I finished up dinner, the littlest ones watched Princess and the Frog – even Cameron was pretty into it.  =)

and I talked Dad into doing this:

love it!

I made a pretty fabulous salad.  So fabulous, infact, my children ate my portion of it and I didn’t get any!!  Leah, you would’ve loved it – lots of cheese and different kinds of it!  YuM! 

Joshua was pretty exhausted – and starving – when he got out of practice.  He was gushing about how he cleared the highest hurdles and how excited he is about being a part of this team.  His first meet is on April 17th.

he's growin' out his curls...handsome boy

After the dinner dishes were done, I gave the littlest ones baths and Josh and I went on a ‘Mommy & Josh date’ to the diner for milkshakes.  We had some good conversation – I forgot the camera!  I’m pretty sure he was happy about that part… LoL … he hates that I take the camera everywhere. 

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day  =) 

Daily Gratitude:  Today I am just so thankful for my little family – can’t you tell?! 

what are YOU thankful for?



  1. Leah

    Lol all I could think about after you said Josh was growing his hair was “these curls are magic”

    • hahaha – well they are! he’s so funny. and as i’m typing this, cam is saying “hi yeeyah”

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