time for ME!!


Ok – so it’s almost noon – whatever!  I slept in until 9 o’clock this morning and it felt fabulous!  I’ve been waking up to walk at 6:30 most mornings so today was a welcome change.  I jumped out of bed – super excited to make a green monster and get to work on my Human Growth and Development homework and guess what?  I’ve already written three pages! 

Joshua’s practice went well yesterday – he was SO sore! They apparently had to run four miles and then do sprints.  I asked him to pick something up for me yesterday that had fallen off the kitchen counter and he bent over like a little old man!  Bless his heart!   He is probably starting golfing lessons this weekend.  He got new golf clubs from Grandpa Neil and Nana Karen.  He was SO excited.  They are hand-me-downs from the grandparents but they are Callaways – which apparently means they are really good.  🙂 

So about the title – Look, it’s time for some ‘ME’ time –  I really try so hard to please everyone else and often end up putting myself aside.  I’ve decided that it’s time for me to do things that I enjoy and not only that – I need to make my health and well-being a priority.  So I want to start doing things that make ME happy.  Not that making my family and friends happy doesn’t put a big fat smile on my face – but how great would it be if I could have both?

Today, I’m soo thankful my little sister is alright – she had a horrifying day yesterday! 

Have a Blessed Day everyone!!  xo

edit i just got a call from my doctor’s office!  i guess they want to fit me in for my first cort shot in my neck today!  EeK!  anyway – pray for me!  it’s supposed to really help the chronic pain i have in my neck and back… there’ll be a series of them.  i’m hoping they sound worse than they actually are!  =)


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  1. whydeprive

    Im glad Jessica is ok. I just read your post about that – SCARY!! Tell her I love her!! 🙂

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