pain & “friends”

Happy Thursday, everyone … today is kind of our Friday since my kiddos don’t have to go to school tomorrow.  Remember what it was like to have days off from school and all the excitement that surrounded it?  It’s so cute to hear my kids talk about it and hear the thrill in their voices.  They are so happy to have some time off to enjoy this incredible weather we’ve had lately.

Sooo – I just got home from the hospital.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I didn’t close my eyes at all last night and it hurt when I breathed, when I lift my arms or moved my legs.  I haven’t felt pain like this since I was a little girl and I had Rheumatic Fever.  It is awful.  My left wrist was swollen up more than twice it’s normal size and was bright purple and I tried washing my hair and the pain in my collarbones was so bad when I lifted my arms, that I was literally sobbing in the shower.  So I drove myself to the Emergency Room. 

The doctors were completely at a loss when I explained to them what I was dealing with – tears streaming down my face the entire time.  Everybody was so nice.  I ended up having two shots for pain and another for inflammation and probably eight tubes of blood drawn.  The shots didn’t even touch the pain I’m in.  If anything, I just feel like I don’t care as much… if that makes sense?    Oh – and now I have this lovely contraption on my arm…

So the doctors don’t want to definitively say it’s fibromyalgia, which is a relief .  I just don’t want to be lumped into that group until there are no other options, y’know?  The doctors are testing me for a wide range of other possible causes.  At this point, I really don’t care what it is or how terrible it may be – I just want some answers.  I’ve been dealing with this pain for almost a year now, and it’s just getting progressively worse.  I want some answers and to get some accurate form of treatment started before the kids are out for summer vacation.  I really want to enjoy this summer with them… I have so many plans for us!

Anyway, my in-laws took the kids for the night because I’m all drugged up and obviously in no shape to take care of them.  I wasn’t out of the hospital in time to pick them up anyway.  Joshua is still at practice for his track meet that happens this Saturday, so it’s just me and him tonight… which will be nice.  I like our “mom & josh” time.  =) Here is a picture of Josh and one of his friends, Noah in their track sweats.  They wouldn’t let me get a pic of them in their shorts because – as they say – they are “booty shorts”.  Such cuties!

I am super thankful for my friends and my family – and the lovely staff at Valley View Hospital.  Sometimes even the smallest things make you realize who really cares about you, y’know?  Who has your back no matter what and who would walk through fire for you… I’m thankful that I have a few people like that in my life.  I consider myself to be a good friend – there is absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do for the people I care about.  It’s kind of heartbreaking to realize that not all of those people would do the same for me.  With age comes wisdom – it’s inevitable. 

I hope everyone is feeling well and happy today… even more, I hope you all have something you are thankful for.  Count your blessings often. 




  1. whydeprive

    Oh Mandy . . . I hope they figure out with it is and make you better!
    I do have one question though – whats the difference between the “too drugged up” and the full up on wine versions of you?

    • well thanks for the well wishes? idk what else you’re trying to say… but i’ve probably had four glasses of wine total in the last 2 – 3 months.

      • whydeprive

        Well wheres the fun in that?

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