a good friend and a glass of wine…

As Leanne Rimes puts it –

 “Every now and then, every now and then, Every girl needs…… a good friend and a glass of wine!”

… Yes, it’s true.  Last night after Joshua’s track meet, Blake and I had some friends over with their kiddos and we had a BBQ.  All the kiddos were barefoot in the back yard and smiling and squealing with laughter.  It was awesome.  I wish I had gotten some pictures of Ella and Edjer with Piper and Cameron – Josh was helping the big boys cook.   I was hard at work in the kitchen, of course!   We had such a nice time. 

Then, as I was cleaning up, my girlfriend Kristen called and was having a rough go of things and asked if I wanted to come over to where she was housesitting and have some wine and girl time since she could use someone to talk to.  I did and it was great.  I mean, I haven’t had such a low-key and relaxing evening in longer than I can remember.  Vegging out on the couch and watching chick flicks over a few bottles of wine was just what the doctor ordered.

  My babies called a few times to let me know they missed me and were sad that I wasn’t home, and I have to admit – it was kinda nice to be missed.   We must’ve sat up til 3:30am talking and watching movies.  We had such good conversation about life in general – and I feel completely refreshed today.  Waking up late, having coffee and pancakes with blueberry syrup on the deck with the beautiful mountains as our backdrop – priceless.

i drew a "lady" in my leftover blueberry syrup with my fork - can you see her?!

 I came home this morning to my children and felt like a new woman – love it.  Piper and I spent some time in the back yard – she was dancing around in her new tutu she talked me into buying yesterday… she is so beautiful

piper took this pic of me in the back yard


I just put my precious babies down for a nap… I look at them and can’t help but think about how blessed I am.  I have three of the most incredible children I could ever ask for.  I am so grateful for the relationship I have with them and it’s my goal to never forget how lucky I am, because I know I am far from perfect – but they love me despite my many imperfections. 

After naptime, Ella is coming over to have a little “bakefest” as Patrick (ella’s dad and blake’s best friend) calls it.  Ella’s been having a harder time than any little girl should lately, so we’re looking forward to putting some smiles on her face…

Have a beautiful day, everyone!


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