Dear Mommy….

” Dear Mommy,  I love you and you are the best mommy in the universe!!   Thank you for taking care of me.  You are the best mommy ever!!”
from:  Piper Blakeleigh

April 19, 2010


~  these are the things that make me smile when i don’t think i have a smile left in me – i get them every day and all the time.  i love the sweet little notes i get from my babies.  even josh writes me letters even still today.  i cherish them.  i read them over and over and most of them are stained with tears… i am so very thankful for the three angels my great God has blessed me with.  ~


*** I want to reach out to all my fellow bloggers and prayer warriors…  I don’t want to give too much information, so for the sake of preserving their privacy, I will keep this short and limit information to first names only.  My cousin Shelley is one of my very best friends and probably the only person in this world who knows absolutely everything there is to know about me – everything.  She’s the only person I can be completely honest with without fear of judgement and I know she is praying for me.  Having someone like that in your life gives you a very real peace in your heart.  I can’t explain it.  I want to be that peace for her, too.  I am asking that you guys pray for her and pray God’s wisdom and discernment upon her heart when she makes some very important decisions concerning her daughter and particularly concerning the decision to stop some certain medications.  I know she wants to do what is best, she is a wonderful mother, wife, friend, and Christian. Please pray for her and her daughter by name.  [Shelley and Emily]  Thank you so much – God Bless


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