life is beautiful…

This afternoon after the track meet – we all wrapped up in blankets in my gigantic california-king sized log bed and watched a few movies.  Avatar, Spider-Man, and the most recent Spongebob episode… during kung-fu panda,  Piper, Cameron, and I fell asleep.  Josh thought it was just too irresistable to not take a photo, so he did and here it is…

these are the moments that make my life worth living.   I can’t describe it.  I can only say how utterly grateful I am – not only for all the blessings in my life, but also for the sheer fact that I am able to recognize and appreciate them.  It hasn’t always been that way.  I have gone through times in my life where I was so pessemistic and unhappy… not because I didn’t have all these wonderful things in my life at the time, but because I was simply unable to realize it.  

I just thank God for the littlest things that make my life what it is.  The walk to the pond and then to the soccer field with my children today that turned into a three-hour romp.  We raced and sprinted across the field and turned somersaults and cartwheels and then just rolled down the hill like the most carefree of children.  Well, that’s what they are – but today, I was feeling so much better as far as my pain goes and I just enjoyed having fun with my babies!  I can’t explain it.  We squealed and laughed and chased eachother… it was wonderful!  It’s been way tooo long since I had that kind of child-like, carefree FUN!  I really hope I don’t let so much time pass me by before I allow myself to let loose and have fun with my kiddos like that again.   Josh even caught a little gardner snake by the stream and oh my gosh – I wish I’d had my camera because can you believe that Piper held it?!  She wanted to hold it and was just so amazed by the texture of its skin and how it wrapped itself around her hand.  She was sad when we had to let him go!  I expect this sort of stuff from the boys – but if you only knew my little Piper, you would know she is just the girliest of the girliest of girly girls!  I was so proud of her! 

So I think it’s safe to say that Mandy’s got a great big smile on her face right now.  My sweet big boy, Josh, is making popcorn and I’ve accomplished so much schoolwork today that I’m going to just kick back, let the kiddos stay up late and enjoy watching a movie and playing some APPLES to APPLES JuNiOR with my babies and my friend and her son. 

i hope everyone is having a beautiful Saturday… let me tell you, my friends – life is too short to be unhappy and not smiling!




  1. whydeprive

    I have a picture of you and Cameron that looks EXACTLY like that. So sweet 🙂

  2. Katherine: What About Summer?

    so precious! hope you had a great, restful weekend

  3. Your weekend sounded so wonderful!

  4. I absolutely love that you can let go and have some laughs with your kids like that. Sometimes life gets so hectic that we forget to slow down to appreciate and soak in everything this beautiful world has to offer.
    I would have freaked out about the snake as I have a huge phobia but I’m glad you were able to appreciate it and share a wonderful moment with your kids. I think I could learn a lot from you.

    • ohhh girl – i have that phobia, too. my 12 year old is such a co-parent and had it not been for him, i would’ve been freaking out! haha – i didn’t wanna touch it, but i try to encourage the kids to not be afraid of experiencing new things… i can tell you are a fabulous mom, i love your blog!

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