dragons & almond butter

ok – sooo today i kept my daughter home from school for totally selfish reasons.  we went to see How to Train Your Dragon…. it was SO GOOD! 

also – went to costco and bought my first jar of Almond Butter.  i’m pretty excited about it…  i’ve been using lots of almond products but haven’t really felt the urge to buy any almond butter until today.  so i’m pretty excited about it.  so – somebody tell me what to do with it other than make organic almond butter and strawberry jam sandwiches!!

what do i do with almond butter?  best serving suggestions?



  1. whydeprive

    Use it for whatever you’d use peanut butter for.
    In oatmeal, on a banana, with an apple, straight from the jar. That kind of thing 🙂

  2. Well I would say just grab a spoon and dig in. Because that’s what I often end up doing with it… lol. But I highly recommend putting it in oatmeal. Or on top of pancakes. Or on toast. Or seriously, just use a spoon…

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