what do i do with myself?

so — it is the first day after the end of my classes and the kids are in school and i’m sitting here with a green monster and i’ve watched E! news and i really am just bored!!  sure, i could clean the house but where’s the fun in that?  i made wontons for josh’s heritage day at school, too.  ugh!  maybe another long walk with my dutchess is in order…

Last night, my fabulous son decided he wanted to make dinner.  He lit the little hibachi grill and cooked buffalo hotdogs.  He warmed the buns in the oven and even melted the cheese he grated himself on there.  He baked beans and served the meal outside on the patio.  I, of course, couldn’t help but to take pictures – 

piper & josh enjoying the fruits of his labor

So – I am heading out tonight as sort of a ‘celebration’ for doing so well this semester.  Gonna have sushi at one of my favorite spots and probably some Sake… I expect lots of laughs and good times.  Have a great night, everyone!



  1. I can’t wait till my kiddies know how to make din din for mommy 🙂
    Hope you have a great celebration tonight. You sure deserve it!

  2. whydeprive

    Aww go Josh!! Nothing better than a man who can cook.
    Granted, I dont have one of those so I cant say for sure, but I have a feeling its great.

    Sorry I didnt text you back, I got it while I was at work and couldnt reply. Then I forgot. I hope you can forgive me!
    I cant go to Seattle anytime soon. The debt is just too much right now.

    • of course you’re forgiven – think about seattle. if you can just come down there, i’ll pay for the hotel and we’ll make it a girl’s weekend. i need one.

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