i confess…

unlike many of you – who enjoy food AND/or enjoy exercising – i just do not. I LOVE food! I love to cook it, I love to watch other people enjoy it, and I love to eat it. I always have – since I was probably thirteen…
When I was in the midst of my disordered eating lifestyle – I took comfort in feeding everyone else, and on occasion overloading myself on some of it…and when I say overloading, I mean it. I went wayyy overboard.
Anyway – I’ve found that balance. I enjoy food again (and I keep it all down). My problem is that I went so long with either depriving myself or using other means of disposing food from my body that I tricked myself into believing I was in shape. I chased my children – I have been chasing them for almost thirteen years now. I thought that was sufficient. I am not by any means overweight – I’m right in the middle of where I should be, BMI-wise. I just get so so so envious when I see how far some of you can run. I can’t run. I know a lot of it has to do with moving from sea-level to almost 2 miles above, and I know a lot of it is all the pain I’m in. A lot of it has to do with time…I simply don’t have a lot of spare time with three children and full time school.
What am I confessing? I really just hate to exercise! Oh, I like the fun stuff – being outside and going hiking, camping, rafting, snowshoeing, taking my kids to the park and running and playing – all that stuff. But when I put the label of “exercise” on it – I get tired just lacing up my sneakers. Do any of you have a problem getting motivated? How do you do it? I’ve been reading a lot about it lately and I’ve been out walking with Dutchess (my doggy) every day that the weather permits, but I want to crave it. Does that make sense? I remember loving that burn when I was in my teens and early twenties… but now I’m almost thirty-one and three kids later – and OMG I am over it! Help me!
Now that I’m learning to actually enjoy food again – I’m afraid my butt is going to hit the back of my knees and my health could suffer because of my lack of motivation… Any tips?

Ok – I just got my cue to get off the computer – My daughter just dressed my four-year-old SON up as a fairy. He’s very sparkly….

Hope everyone is having a GREAT Monday!!



  1. whydeprive

    Oh poor Cameron! You better keep that picture and display it at his wedding.

    Ive always liked exercise so I dont know what to tell you other than find something you LIKE. If its not walking or running try yoga. If thats not it try tennis or biking. Everyone’s different, you just have to figure out what it is you LIKE. If its not fun you wont stick to it.

  2. LOL at the picture! I can totally see my kids doing that very soon.
    I totally agree with Leah. You just have to find something you like. I love to play sports (all kinds) but I just can’t stand to do yoga or run or go to the gym. I’d have to say though, it’s tough to find the time when you have kids. Totally know where you’re coming from on that one, but sometimes playing with the kids is enough workout actually. Just keep trying something different until you find something you like.

  3. Haha…your kids are so adorable! Your son looks like he enjoyed it very much! We all know we need to exercise but sometimes it’s so easy to get demotivated and bored of it. I’m never good in doing exercise alone. I only need to be in the gym for 5 minutes & I want to go home…haha. So, I go for badminton and play mixed doubles. So far, I’m keeping up with it well. I can’t run away half way…LOL

  4. =) i love ’em! thanks u guys!

  5. Katherine: What About Summer?

    so wish they made those outfits in my size

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