Hey everyone – thanks so much for your comments on my last post!  I have to agree with you all.  I think it’s important to do what I enjoy and feel confident doing.  Right now, with all that’s gone on with me healthwise, I think that’s gotta be walking.  My father in law, Neil, is a doctor.  He said that walking was just as good for me as running and probably better considering the damage I could do to my joints.  He didn’t recommend that I even think about running until after the doctors approve it. 

 I definitely think my biggest hangup is that I need a “walking buddy” – besides my doggy.  I have to distract myself with talking and such.  The other afternoon after I posted, I fed the kiddos and then headed out on a walk with my girlfriend Kristen.   Ended up walking 7 miles!  It was fabulous.  We even took our giant dogs with us so that they could pull us when we got tired (haha)…  😉  I woke up super sore and thought I really overdid it.  I went out to check the mail and got the urge to just keep on going – ended up doing a 4 miler while on the phone with my cousin, Shelley. 

 The best news?  I am in absolutely no pain for the first time in months – and none of that is attributed to the use of pain killers.  Maybe when my grandparents used to tell me to ‘walk it off’ – they were on to something??   I still have another appointment with the specialist set up for next Thursday and I’m going to keep it.  I just couldn’t be more pleased with this progress though.  So – I guess maybe I found that motivation to exercise after all, huh? =) 

Thanks for the comments on the pic of Cameron and Piper.  They do the silliest things.  I’m super proud of her.  Piper was on the front page of the paper this morning – for teacher appreciation week.   She’s such a babydoll.  Here is the pic – she is the one in the lower left corner, for those of you who don’t know her as well as Leah.  🙂

 Now, maybe I’m just partial – but I totally think she is the prettiest.  =)  She’s such a sweetie. 

I went to Vail last night to have dinner with some friends.  I had two glasses of red wine and I was blitzed!  Not drunk so much as just got a sick headache really quickly.  It’s amazing what going up just a little bit in altitude will do to you if you aren’t properly hydrated and especially if you have anything to drink!   I had a good time, though.  Nothin like a little adult conversation to remind you that you are still a regular person and there is a world outside of the house! 

Speaking of adult conversation – I gotta get going to the park for a BBQ with Blake and the kids… then Kristen and I are heading back out on one of our walks.  Which brings me to my gratitude – I am thankful for good friends…

 Take care, everyone! 




  1. whydeprive

    lol I love how Piper is making her picture face. Shes so adorable!

  2. she is definitely an adorable little girl 😀
    you know what just hit me? if/when i don’t get outta the house, sometimes my only adult conversation is through blogging….sad but true. but i still wouldn’t give up motherhood for anything.

  3. Hey Amanda, just wanted to drop by to wish you a very happy Mother’s day! Hope it’s filled with love, joy, and laughter. Have a wonderful Mother’s day with your 3 beautiful miracles 😀

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