josh & mom visit the E.R.

so much has happened since i sat here and self-absorbedly talked about the little happenings of my life!  i was going to keep going on my earlier post, but it was just getting ridiculously long!!

so – Monday – i was really looking forward to hanging out at home and relaxing.  that did not happen… so typical!  some time around 11am, the phone rang and it was Josh’s school.  he was with the nurse because he had been hurt in gym.  ok, according to them he had been hurt in gym class.  and technically, i guess that’s what it was… technically. it was his knee, by the way, and he was in a lot of pain.  when i inquired as to how this injury happened, thinking it was basketball or some other physical activity, i was told that he and his friends were running to the locker rooms to change out and “mom, i just looked away for a second and then i just hit the wall…”  yeah.  he ran into the wall, i guess it just jumped right out in front of him…. haha!  it’s funny now that i know he’s ok.  nevertheless, we went to the emergency room…and being the mom i am, i had my camera phone in hand.

don't let the pitiful look fool you, he was havin' fun in that chair!

icing down his knee

always texting...who do 12 yr olds talk to??

isn't he handsome?! i just love him!

so…as it turns out, it was a sprain.  after many x-rays, it was detrmined that there were no breaks. 

so he just has to keep it iced and take it easy – especially if he wants to be a track star  😉 





  1. whydeprive

    Well, Im glad Josh was ok – but how did he run into a wall? Didnt he know it was there?

    He’s probably texting a girl. Those curls are magic you know.

  2. He’s definitely a handsome one. You’ve got trouble on your hands 😉 And from one Mom to another….sigh…boys will be boys. Hope he gets better soon.

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