My name is Amanda Leigh. I’m thirty-TWO years old and was living in Colorado – in the heart of the Rockies, pretty much in the middle of Aspen and Vail. I love MISS it! i really do! Now – im home again, home again – back to sweet home Alabama – to fight the battle of my life… (to be continued…) I have 3 amazing children: Josh-12, Piper-7, and Cameron-4. They’re all intelligent and well mannered, beautiful babies and I’m a lucky, lucky mama! … I am blessed to know and understand that I must wait for God’s timing in all things and that I must trust that His will is the only perfect way for my life… I will wait and I will rejoice with each new blessing that unfolds!!

I have lots of goals and things I’d like to accomplish and document with this blog – health goals, family and relationship goals, i’m going back to school this semester etc – i’m a busy girl.


EDIT: March 21, 2010:

I’ve decided to document daily what I’m thankful for… this has become very important to me recently… so if you catch me being too negative or not mentioning my gratitude, please call me on it!

Dazzled and Amazed yet? No? Give it time…




October '09

feb 22 2010



  1. whydeprive

    lol awww look at Camerons chubby face!!
    I miss those kids!!

  2. whydeprive

    Ummmmm . . . also can I say you dont look 30 you look 25 or 26 in this picture. Hmmm . . . probably because you were and you CHEATED and used an old one.

  3. to be fair – i STILL don’t look 30 and yes, this pic was taken when I was 27

  4. what a great blog and family…thanks for commenting on mine cuz it lead me to yours! what r u doing in school?

    • i’m working on my bachelor of applied science – nursing. super excited about it, but it’s a lot – a LOT of work!

  5. Aaaw, look at those beautiful smiles on your kids’ faces! Love that! They are adorable! Thank you for dropping by my blog so I could find yours 😀

  6. This Italian Family

    Love your blog! I’m excited to read through some of it! Beautiful family! 🙂

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