and the winner is… JOSH!

I didn’t get to bed until around 1am because I was working hard on homework and then Blake got home early from work because he’s sick. He’s probably no more sick than the kids have been but you would think he is dying.  Men are so funny when they get sick…bless his heart.  Now, when I’m sick – I still have to get up and take care of the house and the kids and the dog – there is no sleeping in until noon – not ever.   But I can’t bring myself to say that to Blake because I just feel so sorry for him!  Anyway, I made him this concoction my mamaw used to make me when I had a sore throat when I was little and supervised him as he gargled it… and then I heated up some of the leftover chicken noodle soup I made earlier this week when the kiddos were under the weather.  By the looks of him last night, you would’ve thought it just might be his last meal.   Let’s hope not. 

Anyway – today is Josh’s track meet and I was up bright and early to see him off and then to follow shortly behind the bus that took him there.  We watched for a little while, but it’s just so cold today!  I hated that I had to leave, but the kids were just freezing and being that they are still getting over ear infections, I thought it best to get them inside.  I’m about to leave them here with Blake so that I can take Josh some lunch though.  My sweet boy DID end up placing first in the 200 meter dash and 3rd in 200 meter hurdles.  He also placed 2nd again in 4/400 relay and in 100 meter hurdles.  I am so proud of him.  He’s so much fun to watch!

I hope everyone is having a great day – I hope it warms up so that we can enjoy some time outside today!

edit:  please keep my family and friends in Alabama & Georgia  in your thoughts and prayers as they are in the path of some dangerous storms (tornados) today…

AND – incase you didn’t catch it already –  MY JOSH placed FIRST  in the  200 meter dash &  THIRD  in 200 meter hurdles!   He ROCKS!!


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