i need to get motivated

I’ve been really lax about exercising lately –  I’ve just had so much going on with school and my grandmother being sick.  I was looking at Dutchess and she is suffering as much from it as I am.  She’s getting to be a little fatty just like her mama… we’ve gotta get a more regular routine going!!

piper & dutchess - my sweet girls

 I hope everyone’s had a good start to their week – I’m swimming in homework still but did make an A on my test yesterday~  woohoo!!



  1. whydeprive

    Lexie’s gotten a little on the chunky side too. I honestly dont know how either. We run EVERY day, and according to the people at the pet store, with the food Im feeding her she shouldnt be putting on weight at all.
    Apparently its MY fault.

  2. bryan

    You’d think it would be better exercise for Dutchess to jump on and off of your bed – pretty soon she’s not going to be able to!

    • haha i know – i keep telling her that when she’s begging me for snacks!

  3. If you dog is anything like my two are, a couple of tennis balls and about 15 minutes in the basement will do the trick. You’ll get one happy sacked-out dog!

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