Happy Birthday, Ella!

So – I realized today while spending time with Piper and Ella that Ella’s birthday was last Monday and I completely didn’t realize it.  She told me that she didn’t get a birthday cake.  It broke my heart.
She spent the day and is sleeping over at our house tonight with her “BFF” – Piper. They made cookies and muffins and played hopscotch and twister in the back yard. It’s been so nice hearing their little giggles all day.
And then… well, we made Miss Ella a Birthday Cake! She and Piper made the cake and decorated it – I only wrote her name on it and supervised. 😛

ella & piper frosting the cake - and josh hijackin' the pic!

So then we called Ella’s daddy, Patrick – who is one of Blake’s very best friends.  How cool is it that Blake and Patrick are the greatest of friends and so are their daughters?  Patrick brought Edjer, her little brother and they had some birthday cake with us.  What an unexpected, and precious time! 

Ella with her little brother, Edjer

Then we all sang to the sweet little birthday girl – and ate some of the yummy cake that she and Piper made.  It was sll so very sweet. 

Happy Birthday dear Ella!

I hope everyone had a blessed day today – I really do.  I hope you got a chance to make someone else feel good.  There is no better feeling than to be able to put a smile on someone else’s face.  Especially someone you care about – especially a child.


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